Ferrier Research Institute

“A team of carbohydrate, analytical and biochemistry experts who carry out fundamental, applied and commercial research to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.”

The Ferrier Research Institute’s world-leading team of scientists tackle a broad range of applied chemistry problems related to issues such as health and wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. Their deep experience in synthetic carbohydrate and medicinal chemistry, synthetic and chemical biology, plant natural products and polysaccharide analysis means that much of the intellectual property (IP) they generate has strong commercial potential.

Wellington UniVentures helps the team to protect that IP—and make it available for licence by interested parties—and secures contracts for them to undertake collaborative research and fee-for-service projects.

Please contact Janice Cheng to discuss your particular requirements.

You can also visit the Ferrier Research Institute website or learn more about some of their projects below. 


Janice Cheng
Janice Cheng

Senior Commercialisation Manager

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