Kendra Boyes BBiomedSci(Hons), MClinEmbryol

Venture Studio Programme Coordinator

As Venture Studio Programme Coordinator, Kendra is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of our Venture Studio pilot programme. To do this, Kendra works closely with our team of commercialisation professionals as well as external stakeholders like KiwiNet, investors, mentors, and suppliers. 

This is Kendra's second role with Wellington UniVentures, having previously worked with us as in intern where she gleaned invaluable insight into the commercialisation ecosystem. 

Along with commercialisation acumen, Kendra brings a researcher's perspective to this role. She is currently coming to the end of her PhD at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington under Associate Professor Bronwyn Kivell and Professor Anne La Flamme, where she is working to develop a treatment for multiple sclerosis. Prior to this, Kendra gained a BSc with Honours in Biomedical Science from the University of Otago and completed a Master’s in Clinical Embryology at the University of Monash in Melbourne.

Kendra is passionate about helping researchers create impact through their work, and believes the commercialisation process is integral to that. 

When she’s not busy completing her PhD, Kendra is out umpiring on the netball court or walking Cooper, her dog.