Rana Daoud M.Ed, B.Sc

Programme Coordinator, International Development

As the International Development team’s Programme Coordinator, Rana supports the team on all matters of business development related to international consulting opportunities for Wellington UniVentures.

Rana is passionate about how we can integrate technology into teaching and learning. After completing her Masters, where her research focused on designing digital products to teach science, she worked at Birzeit University in Palestine where she was able to put her research into practice.

In 2017, Rana was offered a scholarship to study her PhD at Victoria University in the field of education in the digital age. At the start of her career with Wellington UniVentures, she offered pastoral care for the Khebrat Programme, which offers leadership training for teachers and principals in Saudi Arabia. She remains involved with this, even in her new position as Programme Coordinator.

Rana is able to use all of her background in digital technology and research within her current role. She strives to continue her journey in making new and innovative educational products using the latest technology.