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While it's quick and easy for police to screen drivers for alcohol with a breath test, there hasn't been an equally effective way to screen drivers for drugs on the roadside—until now. 

A new technology that uses smart, aptamer-based biosensors is being developed by Victoria University of Wellington researchers to provide laboratory-quality measurements without the need for a lab.

The first application for the tech is rapid, in-field drug detection, as the drug-testing device provides rapid, quantitative measurement of up to eight drugs in a single, portable test. This means it could be used by police for roadside testing, by workplaces for employee testing, and by hospital emergency rooms for triage purposes.

The second application involves fertility-testing with a device which allows women to take control of their family planning by tracking their hormonal cycle. Four important hormones for the menstrual cycle and ovulation can be measured daily and plugged into the app to tell women when they are at their most fertile, to help them either conceive, or avoid conception.

Features and benefits

Fast and accurate

The aptamer technology allows for fast and very accurate detection of small molecules in tiny concentrations—on-the-spot, without a lab—overcoming the massive challenge of accurate and timely detection in the field.


AuramerBio's technology works with several portable biosensor platforms suitable for point-of-care diagnostics or field testing. 


The technology is compatible with many different sample types, and can provide quantitative or qualitative results.

Next steps

Currently conducting 'real-world' testing of a number of prototype products to validate performance prior to market launch, next steps for the AuramerBio team involve talking to anyone who can assist with new applications and market access for their in-field detection platform—including workplaces who are keen to take part in field trials.

The team is also seeking expertise and advice from developers and manufacturers of point-of-care (bedside testing) and personal diagnostics products.


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