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A group of senior level officials working in India’s e-Government sector visited Wellington in November 2019, to take part in a programme of learning developed by Wellington UniVentures, in conjunction with the Wellington School of Business and Government, G2G Know-How and the Centre for Lifelong Learning. The programme was part of the Government of India’s Digital India Programme which is tasked with transforming India into a more connected, digitally-empowered society and knowledge economy.

Wellington UniVentures worked closely with two Indian Government organisations—the National e-Governance Division (NeGD) and the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG)—and Victoria University of Wellington to create and deliver the tailored, five-day programme that focused on areas that New Zealand has extensive experience in, including digital governance, building common ICT capability, collaborative engagement and public sector innovation. 



At a glance

Right place

Wellington UniVentures and Victoria University of Wellington are uniquely situated in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city—the home of Parliament, the head offices of all government ministries and departments, and the centre of policy-making.

Right connections

Our connections to government—and Victoria University of Wellington’s leading experts in digital technology and policy—enable deep insights into New Zealand's digital government journey.

Diverse approach

The programme was specifically designed to cater for the diverse needs of the central and provincial government officials who came from a variety of sectors (education, health, agriculture etc) and a range of disciplines (from policy to technical).

In more detail

As India works to develop an entire ecosystem of online public services, it is connecting with—and leveraging the experience of—other countries around the world who have successfully implemented digital government reforms.

With New Zealand ranked among the top three in the world when it comes to using digital platforms to provide government services to its citizens—and number one in the world for ease of doing business—New Zealand’s reputation was one of the primary reasons for the Government of India engaging with Wellington UniVentures for this programme.

It directly connected participants with New Zealand Government departments who have successfully implemented e-Gov initiatives such as SmartStart—and the Wellington School of Business and Government to leverage its research on the introduction, management and use of digital technologies in the public sector. The programme also included visits to Parliament—where the group was welcomed by Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard—and a number of private stakeholders in the digital sector.


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