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The New Zealand Scholarships In-Country English Language Training Programme (NZS IC-ELT) is for prospective New Zealand Scholarship (NZS) awardees in Cambodia, Laos PDR, Indonesia and Myanmar. The programme is designed to enable prospective NZS awardees to meet the formal English language entry requirements for their proposed course of study and to prepare them for successful postgraduate study at New Zealand tertiary institutions.

Wellington UniVentures manages the NZS IC-ELT programme on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and is responsible for all aspects of the programme. This includes the academic components, promotion to potential candidates, and the welfare and well-being of students ensuring that all participates have access to pastoral care and support throughout their NZS IC-ELT programme.

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Features and benefits

Support for home countries

The purpose of NZS is to provide opportunities for academic study which equip Scholars with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the social and economic development of their countries. By providing these scholarships, the New Zealand Aid Programme aims to ‘support sustainable development to reduce poverty, and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world'.

Preparing students to study

This scholarship allows students to gain entry into their chosen course of study by helping them meet the programme’s entry requirements and preparing them to succeed during their studies. It also prepares students to know what to expect when they come to study and live in New Zealand.

Tailored for student's needs

The duration of the English training varies between students based on the amount of help needed to meet their programme’s requirement. They may be fast-tracked or undergo more intensive training lasting up to nine months.

In more detail

Applicants that are short-listed as potential New Zealand Scholarship awardees are required to undergo English competency testing, using IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) which is organised and paid for by the programme. If the student already meets the English requirements they receive direct entry and they will be provided with a pre-departure briefing, explaining what they can expect from living and studying in New Zealand. If they fail to meet the requirements but are determined to be close enough to reach the standard within the time period, they will be offered English language training in their country.

In Laos PDR, Cambodia and Indonesia sub-contractors that live in the country are hired to deliver the NZS IC-ELT programme with guidelines provided by Wellington UniVentures. In Myanmar, teachers are sent from New Zealand for the duration of the programme. In each country, up to 25 participants per year are selected during the New Zealand Scholarship selection round for NZS In-Country English Language Training.

Find out more about applying for English language training scholarships through the New Zealand Government.

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