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For almost a decade now, Wellington UniVentures has been providing the ultimate entrepreneurial opportunity—the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp—for Victoria University of Wellington's graduating students, to help them test the potential of their 'big ideas' as social enterprises or businesses. 

The Bootcamp is an intensive, 14-week summer programme where students work in teams to build businesses around an idea or concept. That said, creating a start-up isn't actually the primary goal. Students learn how to think and act like entrepreneurs by being immersed in the role, and gaining the essential 'soft skills' they need to put them firmly in control of creating their own exciting and satisfying careers—whether that's working for themselves, or becoming highly sought-after candidates in the job market.

There will always be successes and failures associated with any entrepreneurial journey, but the Bootcamp provides students with a safe and supported place to learn from when things don't go the way they planned—without any of the usual risks involved in the 'outside world'.

At a glance

Improving career prospects

Bootcamp is not only about creating start-ups—it also builds the kind of soft skills that make participants more attractive to employers.

Retaining talent in New Zealand

By encouraging them to create their own careers, Bootcamp often results in participants staying in New Zealand rather than having to look offshore for opportunities.

Proven success

Over 100 graduates have completed the programme since it first began, with a number of them still making a difference in the world with the businesses they first developed at Bootcamp.

In more detail

With each new intake, the Bootcamp Delivery Team seeks to improve the programme on the year before, to ensure it remains relevant and useful in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

The Delivery Team itself consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have 'walked the talk' themselves—the key to any successful entrepreneurial training.  

The Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp also taps into the wider Wellington innovation ecosystem to partner with organisations such as Chapman Tripp, Deloitte Private, Accenture and Humankind to help participants build their businesses and their skill.

See first-hand how these two Bootcamp alumni are making a difference in the world by visiting Point Zero or Dignity.  


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