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There can be no doubt that the tourism industry is changing. It's becoming faster, cheaper, new trends are emerging and it's becoming increasingly integrated with technology—all at the same time there is heightened concern about state of the environment and the impact that tourism is having on it (tourism currently accounts for eight percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions).

One of the biggest problems the industry faces in Indonesia is how to integrate global trends in digital technology with sustainable tourism—an issue that has significant influence on the way in which tourism management is taught at its tertiary institutions.

To ensure its tourism management courses are delivered at a level that's benchmarked internationally, the Indonesian government recently invited Wellington UniVentures to run a workshop in Bali, Indonesia, for tourism management educators. The training focused on how to develop a future-proofed curriculum based on sustainable tourism in a high-tech era—and how virtual reality (VR) tools can be used to teach that curriculum to students.

Developed by a leading expert on using VR to teach sustainable tourism management—Victoria University of Wellington's Dr Christian Schott, Associate Professor in Tourism Management—the training was delivered to attendees from Indonesian polytechnics who teach tourism courses and a wide range of senior officials from local government, the tourism sector, and higher education. 

At a glance

World-leading expertise

Course content is designed by an award-winning Victoria University of Wellington academic who is at the forefront of using VR technology to teach tourism.

Tailored content

Each bespoke course is tailored to meet the specific needs of any country looking to reform the way in which they manage and deliver tourism development. 

Empowering approach

We pride ourselves on taking the time to truly understand what problems our customers are facing, then suggest solutions that empower them to develop their own curricula.

In more detail

The tourism industry in Indonesia has expanded rapidly over the past few years, and today, Bali is considered a world-class tourism destination. However, as it becomes more challenging for Bali to accommodate the growing number of tourists, the Indonesian government has launched a plan to encourage tourists to visit 10 of its other 17,000+ islands instead, all of which have their own diverse scenic and cultural attractions.

Known as "10 New Bali's", the project is aimed at upgrading provincial airports, constructing new amenities and improving access to the 10 selected destinations—developing them in a sustainable way that minimises impact on the environment and respects the local culture, while making the best use of digital technologies.

The Wellington UniVentures workshop looked at the trends, opportunities for, and threats to, Indonesia's tourist industry that will ensure the country's tourism management courses support the 10 New Bali's goal of sustainable tourism growth.

Pictured: Dr Christian Schott from Victoria University of Wellington's Tourism Management Group, Wellington School of Business and Government.


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