Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Candidate Information Format



The Emerging Innovator programme is fairly flexible, designed to fit alongside your existing employment or studies.

Typically it is a 12 month programme. The first 6 months are focused on market validation activities, and the final 6 months are focused on investor or partner engagement (if appropriate for the stage of the project).

You will attend occasional workshops hosted by KiwiNet to upskill you in commercial methods throughout the course of the programme.

A Commercialisation Manager from Wellington UniVentures will work with you to design a market validation strategy which balances time spent on traditional research activities and the commercial engagement work you will do as part of the programme.

We recommend that Emerging Innovators spend 0.2FTE (1 day) of time a week on their commercialisation activities. This may be fragmented when doing interviews, or concentrated blocks to achieve deliverables like prototypes.

Often a Wellington UniVentures Exploratory Project will be run alongside your Emerging Innovator programme so extra support will be available from the UniVentures team to accelerate your innovation's journey to impact.