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International Development Community

What we do

We understand the operating environment in developing countries, so we’re a step ahead in connecting you with specialist thinkers and research in key areas of growth. New Zealand is a world leader in public sector governance, environment, tourism, management, education, English language training, health and innovation. We can connect you with experts in all these fields, sharing and shaping information to create the greatest good.

How we do it

Based in the capital, we have close connections to New Zealand’s government agencies and lawmakers, leading thinkers and creative talent. It’s a unique pool of expertise, intellect and influence we can share with you to power your growth. We’re natural innovators with high ethical standards, focused on delivering the breakthroughs you need for lasting change.

If you’re ready to connect to world-leading research please contact one of our team:


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Doyet Sevilla
Doyet Sevilla

Senior Programmes Manager, International Development

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