Researchers & Inventors

Helping researchers and inventors create impact

At Wellington UniVentures, we are in constant awe of the amazing researchers and inventors that we get to work with every day. Our focus is supporting those researchers to take their invention from idea to reality.

We do this by wrapping a team of specialists around the researcher and their invention to see it through to success. We’ll help shape, test and protect ideas and connect the opportunity with the right people to set it on the road to creating genuine impact in the world. 

We’ve built a formidable network of investors, industry partners, government contacts and more to support a range of projects, from biotech to architecture and education, energy and advanced materials to design. We look at every aspect of the opportunity, competitive landscape, marketability and potential risks. We work closely with the researcher to help disclose their invention, protect it and establish a robust commercial position.

For researchers currently working on ideas, we can help you take them all the way. Please contact a member of our Commercialisation Team and let’s take that first step to make it happen.

Flexible options for creating new ventures

We recognise that every researcher is different, with different ambitions, goals and priorities. So we have created a range of flexible options for creating new ventures with us, suitable for different types of researchers. Our range of flexible models enable you to choose the approach that best suits you to create impact with your invention. We will help you decide and support you with the approach that makes the most sense.

In this video, we explain how the different models work. Watch here, or find out more about each model below.





What we need from you

What we need from you:

Your time to support the development of the IP.

Access to your research facilities to validate aspects of the IP.

Your availability to front aspects of the commercialisation.

This option may suit you if:

You'd prefer to focus on your research.

You'd prefer not to take a risk on the technology.

You want to stay at the University.

Watch The Thirds Model video

Flexible options for new ventures

Thirds Model

For researchers not seeking an active role in a new venture, or if your technology will be licensed.

SCaRAB Model

For researchers wanting to actively participate in the creation of a new venture, but would like support.

Independent Model

For researchers with aspirations to concentrate fully and independently on a new venture.


Useful resources for researchers