Researchers & Inventors

What we do for researchers and inventors

We’ll wrap a team of specialists around you and your invention to see it through to success. We’ll help shape, test and protect your idea and connect you to the right people to set it on the road to commercialisation. If you’re keen, you can also be directly involved in the commercialisation process, learning valuable new entrepreneurial skills.

We’ve built a formidable network of investors, industry partners, government contacts and more to assist you with your project. We look at every aspect of the opportunity, competitive landscape, marketability and potential risks. We’ll work closely with you to help disclose your invention, protect it and establish a robust commercial position.

If you’re working on ideas, we can help take them all the way. Please contact a member of our Commercialisation Team in your sector of research and let’s take that first step to make it happen.

What we do for academic thought leaders

If you are one of our world-class thinkers, creating ideas that have powerful social impact, Wellington UniVentures can help you connect your knowledge and expertise with global governments, agencies and organisations looking to improve lives in their own countries. For more information please contact Hamish Findlay