Everything Interns

Published Sep 12, 2022

An internship at Wellington UniVentures is a thrilling ride to where theories and ideas find their place in the world. It’s a paid, 6-month role that delivers a taste of every aspect of life in one of New Zealand’s leading commercialisation teams.

Our latest beneficiaries are Kendra Boyes and Crispin Dye, both alumni of Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington and both are already acutely aware of the great work that Wellington UniVentures does.

“The world of research commercialisation and IP is fascinating,” says Crispin. “I first became interested in it while I was studying for my Master’s, and I was lucky enough to go on and secure an internship. Since then, I’ve seen tangible impacts delivered by the commercial side of science.”

Kendra concurs. “I got my first insight into Wellington UniVentures while I was working on a project as a PhD student. It showed me how a great idea can be channelled into something that delivers a real and lasting impact on the world.”

Though they are both at different stages of their internship, Kendra and Crispin are still amazed by the sheer scope of the projects they are involved in. “I’ve really enjoyed working on projects and inventions that are outside my core fields of interest,” says Crispin. “The whole experience has really challenged me to broaden my knowledge.”

Kendra, too, has enjoyed the challenge. “There is such a wide range of outstanding projects and most have been outside my own area of specialty,” she says. “Luckily, being able to learn independently is one of my biggest assets.”

Both Kendra and Crispin enjoy the varied nature of the work. Each day is a mix of background research, discussions with some of Wellington—and the world’s—brightest minds, or simply working on the project at hand. “At the moment, I’m working with the Environment and Engineering team on technologies for space flight,” says Crispin with an unmistakable smile, “so I’ve been investigating and analysing upcoming missions to the Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt!”

The experience has been so positive that both interns hope to build a career in the commercialisation space. “The work at Wellington UniVentures has not only shown me what an awesome and inclusive workplace looks like,” says Kendra, “but it has also proved to me that it really is possible for great ideas to go the whole way and make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Crispin has already found a way to leverage his new skills and knowledge and is about to join Sprout—New Zealand’s leading agri-food tech accelerator and investor—as a venture analyst. It’s a perfect example of the doors that an internship can open. That’s because, at Wellington UniVentures, an intern really is an everything intern: a quick study, a creative thinker and an excellent communicator who is ready to embrace the opportunity to experience everything the team does to bring phenomenal ideas to market.

At Wellington UniVentures, our paid internships last for 6 months and give invaluable work experience. They are supported by KiwiNet and are the perfect next step for high-quality graduates who are looking to venture into the world of commercialisation. For more information, please contact Chelina Brabender.