Helping innovators create impact

The ideas start here in Wellington and we take them to the world.

Wellington UniVentures works with our University innovators to shape their research into initiatives that create impact. We do this by connecting them with partners, industry and investors to enable the growth and development of their idea or invention. With time, development and Wellington UniVentures’ support, these ideas can become life changing initiatives focused on solving problems and building stronger societies.

We’ve built a formidable network of investors, industry partners, government contacts and more to support a range of projects from across the University to create impact. We look at every aspect of the opportunity—competitive landscape, marketability, potential risks and more. Then we work closely with the researcher to protect their invention and establish a robust commercial position.

Commercialisation enables impact from innovative research. Impact can be measured in many different ways. Financial impact is most traditionally associated with commercialisation, but we also measure social, cultural and academic impact in addition to other measures that are most appropriate for that project.

For researchers currently working on ideas, we can help you take them all the way. Please contact one of our team leaders to catch up for a coffee and a chat: Pierre Malou (Operations), Janice Cheng (Health & Wellbeing), Jane Evans (Environment & Engineering).


Flexible options for creating new ventures

There are a number of ways innovators can work with Wellington UniVentures. So it's important we understand your goals—both personally, and for your research—and recommend an option that works best for you. 

We have created a range of flexible options for creating new ventures with us, suitable for different types of innovators. Our range of flexible models enable you to choose the approach that best suits you to create impact with your invention. We will help you decide and support you with the approach that makes the most sense.

Watch here to find our more about our flexible approach, or find out more about each model below.






Intellectual property resources

Protecting your intellectual property position on a new idea, invention or technology is vital. In addition to a dedicated IP team, Wellington UniVentures has a highly experienced team of Commercialisation Managers who are able to advise and make recommendations on intellectual property. Learn more

Other resources

Early career researchers

Investor networks

Research partners


For further information about commercialisation for university innovators through Wellington UniVentures, please contact one of our team leaders:

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Julie Crisford

Head of Commercialisation

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