Investment opportunities

Our approach to partnering with investors 

At Wellington UniVentures, we are focused on bringing innovations from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington research into the world where they can change lives.   

Our investors are vital for getting new ideas to market. We know that every deal is different, which is why we work flexibly with investors through our innovative Shared Commercialisation Revenue and Benefits (SCaRABTM) that gives us, our researchers, and investors flexibility to determine partnership structures that are as unique as the investment opportunity.

We value our relationships with a wide range of domestic and global investors and work hard to develop partnerships that bring mutual benefit to our investors and researchers. 

 "The team at Wellington UniVentures are professionals, and are open to conversations about how to structure spin-outs. We've had positive experiences working with the team and solving problems, which makes for a good foundation for a relationship." — Dr Andrew Chen,  Karihi Venture Partner at Matū Group


Invest with us  
Innovate Fund

The Innovate Fund is a specialised proof-of-concept fund enabling the assessment, de-risking and delivery of a number of new deep-technology businesses emerging from Wellington UniVentures' development pipeline. Funds will be dedicated towards translating early-stage research through to commercial results.

Wellington UniVentures is seeking to amplify the commercial impact of Victoria University of Wellington's research by developing the Innovate Fund, an opportunity to contribute to supporting research translation with significant impact.

Find out more about the world-leading research that the Innovate Fund is supporting in this video and for further information here.

Business ventures

We have a large and growing portfolio of leading innovations, deep technology and entrepreneurial projects seeking investment. We are currently seeking investment partners for a range of promising new business ventures from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington research, including: