As we support researchers from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington to turn their ideas into impact, we call on a wide range of skills and expertise from our staff.

Wellington UniVentures employs people who have a variety of academic, professional and life experiences, from recent graduates through to individuals with deep industry experience. We work across many different sectors here at the University and provide commercialisation services and advice to external institutions as well.

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Our staff have a passion for making a difference and creating impact in what they do. When we employ new staff we are always looking for people who feel this passion too and want to drive research opportunities forward.

Stories from our people

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Opportunity knocks

“Wellington UniVentures has given me both the opportunity and flexibility to keep developing myself and my career. I was working as an Intellectual Property (IP) specialist for the company when I got offered the chance to present one of the projects that I’d been protecting the IP on, as part of an application for its continued funding. I really enjoyed the process, so we’re now exploring the possibility that I could move into a Commercialisation Manager role in the future, once I’ve finished my engineering study at Victoria University of Wellington.

The company has encouraged me to take on this further learning with a contract that enables me to fit work around my studies for now. And with our office conveniently located on the top floor of the University’s library, there really is no better place to work and study at the same time!”

Adrian Evans

Making a difference

"I love coming to work because I know that every time we work with developing countries, we are truly making a difference—both on a personal level and an environmental level—as we help them to develop their economies in a sustainable way.

As Programme Manager for the International Development team, I'm passionate about enriching people as individuals—I believe that when those up-skilled individuals come together, that's what leads to growth. 

We don't always see the impact of our work straight away because it's not as instant or tangible as, say, putting up a new building. But we know that what we do is working, because our international partners continue to engage with us—and we continue to learn from them in return."

Doyet Sevilla

Knowledge is power

"Wellington UniVentures is such a dynamic, interesting place to work—I really enjoy the fact that I'm working alongside team members who know so much about so many different things, and that they're generous in sharing that knowledge with me.

There's a real sense of purpose to what we do here. We're trusted to do what needs to be done, and what we do is valued and appreciated which makes for a great work environment.

It's also a huge bonus to be part of the wider University ecosystem and be able to attend lectures that relate to the research topics that I'm screening at the time—and there's the opportunity for further study right on the doorstep!

Mick Riley

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