We provide business development services to the University to secure and execute commissioned research and advisory funding contracts, providing research services to meet the specific needs of Government and industry. We can facilitate research projects for our clients, connecting them to world-leading researchers to provide expertise specific to their needs. Meanwhile, our Advisory services can connect our researchers as expert advisors to industry and government.

Our clients include external research agencies, industry clients and partners, private corporates and other universities located both in New Zealand and around the world.

Research and advisory services from Wellington UniVentures can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients, helping to solve problems which would benefit from our expertise and intellectual property.


Our researchers represent the very best of knowledge in New Zealand and cover a wide range of specialist topics. Wellington UniVentures also works with key research institutes within Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, such as the Robinson Research Institute and the Ferrier Research Institute, enabling access to their world-leading expertise for commercial research and advisory services.



For further information about commissioned research and advisory services through Wellington UniVentures, please contact one of our team leaders:

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Pierre Malou


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Julie Crisford

Head of Commercialisation

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