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Building halfway houses for scientists

Most of Matt Nicholson’s eclectic professional life, he reflects, has been defined by a struggle between purism and realism. On…

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Tamariki will continue to benefit from KiVa

The KiVa anti-bullying programme will continue uninterrupted in participating schools across New Zealand, following a successful transition of its license…

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Supporting budding biotech innovators to dream big

Senior Commercialisation Manager Jeremy Jones supports emerging biotech entrepreneurs through his role at Wellington UniVentures and with his volunteer work…

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Wellington UniVentures’ finalists win big at 2022 KiwiNet Awards

Last night’s 2022 KiwiNet Awards saw Professor Justin Hodgkiss win the Researcher Entrepreneur Award for his leadership in deep-tech commercialisation,…

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Everything Interns

An internship at Wellington UniVentures is a thrilling ride to where theories and ideas find their place in the world.…

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Cultivating the seeds of innovation

But for Maggie MacKinnon, the disparate fields of ecology and architecture go hand in hand. Her research is focused on…

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KiwiNet Awards Finalists 2022

Wellington UniVentures features heavily in the finalists of this year's KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

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Entrepreneurship in practice

Having completed the KiwiNet Emerging Innovators (EI) Programme, Dr Jamal Olatunji is preparing to apply what he has learned about…

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Growing young bioentrepreneurs

Sam Wojcik, Wellington Univentures’ Commercialisation Manager, is part of Global Biotech Revolution – a youth-led non-profit organisation focused on connecting…

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Jeremy Bloomfield Memorial Scholarship winner

PhD candidate Injy Johnstone has been awarded the Wellington UniVentures, Jeremy Bloomfield Scholarship. Currently studying a PhD in Environmental Law…

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30 Years of Wellington UniVentures

Established in 1992, Wellington UniVentures, then Victoria Link Ltd (better known as Viclink) was set up to shape research projects…

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The life of Liquium

Liquium is the latest venture to spin out of Wellington UniVentures. Liquium develops new catalysts to dramatically reduce the energy…

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