Introducing Wellington UniVentures

Published Nov 29, 2019

We're pleased to announce some exciting news!

You currently know us as Viclink, but from mid-February 2020, we’ll be known by our new name – Wellington UniVentures. We have invested a lot of time consulting with stakeholders and staff to come up with a name that encapsulates what we do. We love that the new name explains our role so succinctly and firmly associates us with both Wellington and the University. 

While we have a new name and a stunning new visual identity, some things won’t be changing. We’ll still be working hard to deliver on our vision of being the acknowledged leader in successfully taking Wellington’s knowledge to the world. 

We’ll still be known for delivering exceptional service and high-quality outcomes across all our projects, whether it is commercialising the latest deep tech from the labs or connecting the University’s expertise with development initiatives in South East Asia or the Pacific. 

And, we’ll still pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality advice as we support your projects.

Everything stays the same for now, but we wanted to let you know our news. We’re aiming to launch the new name and brand in mid-February 2020, and we’ll remind you closer to that time.