Jeremy Bloomfield Memorial Scholarship accepting applicants for 2024

Published Oct 11, 2023

Wellington UniVentures’ annual scholarship honouring the memory of team member Jeremy Bloomfield is now accepting applications from Victoria University of Wellington post-graduate students pursuing research projects with potential for real-world impact.

Wellington UniVentures welcomes applicants from a wide range of faculties but is particularly interested in research projects in the fields of environment or education, as these were two of Jeremy’s greatest passions.

Launched in 2021, the annual $20,000 award has supported an impressive group of early career researchers keen to apply their research projects into a product or service that deliver benefit for New Zealand. The scholarship is not intended to fund new research activities, but rather support an existing research-derived innovation to make advances towards creating real-world impact.

Previous winners include:

  • Oscar Crehan, a PhD student in marine biology researching novel ways to save the world’s coral reefs from climate change
  • PhD candidate Injy Johnstone from the Faculty of Law investigating New Zealander’s attitudes to net-zero to lift our understanding of what’s needed to achieve carbon free 2050
  • Baptiste Roucau, Ph.D. who used the scholarship to develop a tool helping kids build emotional resilience.

The scholarship is aligned with Wellington UniVentures’ mission to translate innovations originating from research at Victoria University of Wellington into new businesses, products and services that have tangible impact and benefit for New Zealand.

Applications close Friday 1 March 2024. After that, members of Wellington UniVentures’ leadership team will sit down with the Bloomfield family to choose an award recipient whose research best aligns with the scholarship criteria.

To find out more and apply, visit Victoria University of Wellington's Scholarship Office.

Jeremy Bloomfield