KiwiNet Awards Finalists 2022

Published Aug 18, 2022

The finalists for the 10th annual KiwiNet Awards have been announced and we are thrilled that four of the eighteen finalists were nominated by Wellington UniVentures. The KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards recognise nominees for their hard work and achievements to create real-life impact in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond through their innovations.

Professor Justin Hodgkiss and Associate Professor Frank Natali are both finalists in the Research Entrepreneur Award, which recognises an experienced entrepreneurial researcher who consistently delivers real-world impact from their research.

Professor Hodgkiss has extensive experience in the commercialisation of deep-tech research. Over the last 12 years, Prof. Hodgkiss has been instrumental in the development of two spin-out companies from Wellington UniVentures: Auramer Bio and Advemto. In addition to this, Prof. Hodgkiss enables the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing the resources and skills necessary for their commercialisation journeys to have an impact on the world.

Associate Prof. Franck Natali, a founder of the clean-tech company Liquium, has also been nominated as a finalist in the Research Entrepreneur Award category. Dr Natali has developed a new low-carbon way of making ammonia, contributing to 50% of the world’s food production. He has also has been recognised for his research endeavours by being offered a place in the Breakthrough Energy Fellows Programme, founded by Bill Gates.

Our very own Intellectual Property Manager, Stephanie Grant is a finalist for the Commercialisation Professional Award. This award recognises a commercialisation professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the commercialisation of publicly funded research. Stephanie protects high-quality research across all areas of technology with commercial potential that is produced at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington.

Magritek is a finalist in the Commercialisation Impact Award category. The award celebrates an outstanding innovation that generates a significant impact for New Zealand. The company is a joint collaboration between Wellington UniVentures and Massey Ventures. Since 2004, Magritek has been manufacturing products based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology. They now supply their technology to customers all over the world.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 6th of October. You can read more about the finalists here.