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High temperature superconducting flux pumps

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Flux pumps power superconducting magnets that are capable of generating strong and stable magnetic fields, without losing energy to electrical resistance.

Application of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) technology are increasing dramatically, including scientific instruments, MRI, NMR, fusion reactors, space, grid fault management, wind turbines and electric motors for aircraft.

Flux pumps permit ‘contactless’ current supply to a quasi-persistent, all-HTS magnet circuit. With no physical link needed to normal-conducting or room temperature circuits, the thermal load and system efficiency are dramatically improved.

Our partners at the world-renowned Robinson Research Institute have unparalleled capability and IP in the development of flux pumps for current supply to high-temperature superconductors, including dynamo and switched rectifier types. Their simulation tools, developed from years of fundamental research, provide us with world-leading expertise, and the capability to design products to suit a wide range of applications.

The researchers at Robinson have demonstrated a series of experimental prototypes and have system architectures that can address many of the key challenges for HTS devices:

Features and benefits

Compact design

Using the higher current densities capable in HTS materials, our flux pump designs are more compact and lightweight, making them useful in situations where space and weight considerations are critical.

Light, small, low power yet robust

Replacing conventional power supplies for very high current coils in the 5,000-20,000 Amp range. For rotating machines or fusion applications, the flux pump offers a light weight, compact and low-power current source that is robust enough to be integrated into a generator rotor or levitating dipole.

Reduced cooling costs

Our new technology can replace current leads for magnets drawing 100-500 Amps, thereby cutting down the need for cooling systems by up to 90%, which has huge benefits in places where there’s not much room for cooling, or keeping things cold is a challenge.

Next steps

We are ready to take our technology to market by partnering with industry to develop our HTS flux pumps for commercial application. If you are interested in finding out more or working with us, get in touch with the commercialisation manager below.

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