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Rekover Therapeutics: targeting Multiple sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disorder that affects 2.5 million people worldwide. 

MS causes lesions in the nervous system resulting from destruction of the myelin sheath (nerve coverings) in the brain and spinal cord. In turn, this causes messages from the brain to be slowed or blocked, affecting movement and causing symptoms such as loss of vision, speech, memory, sensation and bodily functions.  

Currently, disease-modifying therapies only slow the rate of accumulating disability in patients with MS; none reverse the disability.

However, pre-clinical research conducted at Victoria University of Wellington has discovered a set of compounds that could potentially restore the myelin sheath—and consequently restore function to MS patients.

To take this project forward, Wellington UniVentures has helped the researchers to establish spin-out company Rekover Therapeutics. 

Features and benefits


One of the stars in the set of discovered compounds is 'Compound A' which has produced stunning data in pre-clinical animal models of MS—reversing paralysis and restoring myelin levels to normal. 

Safe and commercially viable

Compound A has already been safely used for more than 10 years to treat a different disease. It is also commercially viable because it is not already sold in the key MS markets of the United States and Europe.

Latest News

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Next steps

A significant investment to fund the establishment of Rekover Therapeutics was made by the New Zealand Innovation Booster (NZIB) in February 2020.

The steadily growing NZIB—a partnership between Booster Financial Services and Wellington UniVentures—was launched a year ago to channel funding into innovations developed at Victoria University of Wellington. 

A clinical trial is the next critical step in commercialising a treatment that could have life-changing outcomes for sufferers of multiple sclerosis. Rekover is now seeking funding to support the clinical trial and is in discussion with large pharmaceutical companies and venture capital funds. 


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