For researchers with aspirations to concentrate fully and independently on a new venture.

Under the Independent Model, you will enter a partnership with Wellington UniVentures. The The University owned IP will be will be assigned to you in return for shareholding in the venture, and you will continue to develop the opportunity independently.

This approach allows you to take on more significant risk in the venture, and own significantly more of the upside.
Wellington UniVentures won’t play an active role in the venture, but if you need our support, your venture can contract our services such as IP management or market research at commercial rates. Our shareholding in your venture will also allow access to New Zealand Innovation Booster funding.

What we need from you
  • You’ll need to move off campus, or access University facilities at full commercial rates. 
  • Your start up work can’t overlap with your day job. 
  • You’ll be fully responsible for capital raising and other commercial imperatives from the outset.


This model may suit you if
  • Full control of the venture is important to you.
  • You want to actively front the venture.
  • You are comfortable with taking the full risk.


Watch the Independent
Model Video 




Speak to one of our team leaders to find out more: Pierre Malou (Operations)Janice Cheng (Health & Wellbeing), Jane Evan (Environment & Engineering). 

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