Emerging Innovator Programme – Key groups

Wellington UniVentures, and KiwiNet.

Emerging Innovator

As an Emerging Innovator, you will focus on exploring commercial potential for your idea. This means:

  • you’ll join workshops where you'll learn new skills and develop your research
  • you’ll have the opportunity to engage with potential customers and stakeholders
  • you can build and test prototypes for your idea.


Wellington UniVentures

We will support you throughout the application process and the programme. This support includes:

  • reviewing the market opportunity and Intellectual Property (IP) of your idea
  • coaching you for the application pitch to the KiwiNet Investment Committee
  • protecting any intellectual property (IP) in your idea.

Te Herenga Waka staff and students who have assigned their IP to Wellington UniVentures will also have access to:

  • relevant industry investors or partners
  • key marketing advice and communication support
  • further commercialisation funding.