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While students in New Zealand generally leave school with good outcomes, there are still many that are underperforming. In fact, 3 out of 10 students in New Zealand leave school without completing their NCEA Level 2, and that rate increases to 5 out of 10 when considering Māori students. It can be difficult for teachers to make sure all their students are successful when often it is unclear what barriers are in place.

EdPotential, a Wellington UniVentures spin-out company, has developed a revolutionary product to help educators improve the outcomes of all students. This data analysis tool allows for schools to monitor how their students are performing and to find where the gaps and barriers lie. This information allows educators to figure out strategies to improve their teaching methods, and therefore improve achievement levels in students.

Wellington UniVentures assisted EdPotential in getting the initial product to market. They used their relationships to create partnerships with Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Education and Macleans College in Auckland, along with establishing connections with investors. This has enabled EdPotential to establish their office in Lower Hutt and grow their team across New Zealand.

Features and benefits

Ease of use

The data (including assessment information, demographic details, and pastoral information) that is provided to educators is sophisticated, yet easy to understand. It is presented visually using charts and graphs which clearly show how students are performing and improving with time.

Time savings

The software has the added benefit of saving valuable time for educators. Where previously reporting to stakeholders could take teachers hundreds of hours each year, with EdPotential this can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.


EdPotential’s software was developed in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Education and with the input of teachers at Macleans College in Auckland, making it relevant to the needs of educators.

In more detail

EdPotential is being used in a variety of schools across New Zealand covering multiple assessment systems including NCEA, Cambridge International Examinations, International Baccalaureate and others. Schools in New South Wales and Victoria are also utilising the software, leading the way for the use of this product across Australia. These schools are now equipped to deliver better student outcomes, and to save teachers valuable time by eliminating the need to manually enter and process data.

At the end of 2021 Education Perfect, a curriculum aligned teaching and learning platform, acquired EdPotenial, as the company works to expand its offerings to its community of educators. Education Perfect aims to consolidate content, tools and data analytics to support learning outcomes and EdPotential’s tool aligns with the suite of products available on the Education Perfect platform.

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Head of Commercialisation

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