Candidate Information Parties


The Emerging Innovator Programme involves a partnership between yourself, Wellington UniVentures, and KiwiNet.


You will focus on exploring commercial potential for an innovation that you're passionate about. This means:

  • making time to attend workshops where you'll learn new skills.
  • 'getting out of the building' to speak to potential customers and stakeholders.
  • building prototypes to allow testing.
Wellington UniVentures

We will assess your candidacy and support you throughout the application process and Programme. This support includes:

  • Market and Intellectual Property review of your innovation by our Analyst Team.
  • Coaching for the application and pitch.
  • Assistance with market validation (strategy, methods, contacts, etc.).
  • Intellectual property protection*.
  • Investor and partner engagement*.
  • Marketing advice and communication support*.
  • Further commercialisation funding*.

*only available to VUW staff or those who have assigned IP ownership/equity to Wellington UniVentures.


KiwiNet administer the programme and provide:

  • Funding - NZD$10,000.
  • Guidance through an independent commercial mentor.
  • Upskilling through workshops (e.g. GetFunded).
  • Opportunities to engage with other Emerging Innovators in your cohort.
  • Alumni events after graduation.