Wellington UniVentures’ new structure aligns with University’s focus on financial sustainability

Published Sep 30, 2023

This month Wellington UniVentures introduced a new organisational structure that responds to the University’s focus on financial sustainability.

“I want to reassure our researcher community that while our structure has changed, our purpose hasn't,” says Wellington UniVentures Acting CEO Pierre Malou. “We remain committed to working hand-in-hand with Te Herenga Waka researchers to bring their knowledge to the world.”

There are two main ways that Wellington UniVentures supports research commercialisation. The first includes traditional commercialisation services: Taking an innovation and shaping it into a new business, or product or service that can be licensed. Wellington UniVentures provides researchers with commercialisation guidance and connections to partners, industry, and investors to bring research from lab to market.

The second involves connecting researchers with opportunities for commissioned research and advisory services in the public and private sectors.

“The reality of the new financial landscape means we had to make difficult decisions about our operations going forward, alongside the rest of the University and indeed the research ecosystem more broadly.”

"Our new structure enables us to deliver on our purpose while responding to the need to reduce costs and drive new revenue opportunities.”

Key changes include:

  • A leaner leadership team made up of a CEO, a Head of Commercialisation, and a People & Business Operations Manager
  • One commercialisation team that is no longer split by research areas. However, each Commercailisation Manager within the team is aligned with a specific area of research (biotech, clean energy, AI, etc.) based on their experience
  • A streamlined operations team.

“I want to thank our Board for their guidance and confidence in us throughout the process, and the Wellington UniVentures team for their professionalism and dedication through what has been a challenging few months,” Pierre says.

Pierre is looking forward to a bright future for his team. “Two important things haven’t changed: Te Herenga Waka researchers are leaders in impactful research, and Wellington UniVentures is here to support them to take their research to the world.”

Researchers interested in commercialisation can visit Wellington UniVentures’ website to find out more, or contact Pierre Malou (Acting CEO) or Julie Crisford (Acting Head of Commercialisation) to arrange a preliminary discussion.