Our Team

Adrian Evans

IP Specialist

Adrian works at the earliest stage of the IP protection process, determining the viability of a research discovery—assessing the opportunity,...

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Dr Ashwath Sundaresan

Senior Commercialisation Manager

Ashwath is responsible for Wellington UniVentures' engineering, medical devices, advanced physics and energy portfolio, and works closely alongside the Robinson...

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Emily Sullivan

Entrepreneurship Manager

Emily is responsible for developing, co-ordinating and delivering a range of programmes and initiatives that help to foster an innovative,...

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Dr Franck Natali


Dr Franck Natali—a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, and lead scientist in the University’s Advanced...

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Hamish Findlay

General Manager, Commercialisation

Hamish is responsible for managing Wellington UniVentures' Intellectual Property (IP) Commercialisation team as they work alongside Victoria University of Wellington’s...

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Dr Janice Cheng

Senior Commercialisation Manager

Janice is responsible for supporting Wellington UniVentures' biochemistry portfolio. 

She holds an undergraduate degree with honours in biomedical science, and a...

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Jeremy Jones

Senior Commercialisation Manager

Jeremy Jones is responsible for Wellington UniVentures' portfolio of biotechnology research. Jeremy has returned back to the Wellington UniVentures team...

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Julie Crisford

Contracts & Portfolio Manager

Julie is responsible for helping the Wellington UniVentures' team negotiate relationships, contracts, licences and spinouts. 

Julie has been working with Wellington...

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Liam Sutton

Commercialisation Manager

Liam manages the Architecture, Design, and ICT portfolios. 

He initially joined the Wellington UniVentures team as an Assistant Commercialisation Manager in...

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Dr Matthew Nicholson

Senior Commercialisation Manager

Matt joined the Wellington UniVentures team specifically to help Professor Emily Parker (from the Ferrier Research Institute) commercialise a 'fungal...

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Mick Riley


Mick is one of two analysts in Wellington UniVentures' Intellectual Property Commercialisation team.

As an analyst, Mick is responsible for screening...

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Dr Nicole van der Laak

Commercialisation Manager / ED Advisor

Nicole’s half-and-half role means she is involved in the commercialisation of University research from beginning to end.

In her role as...

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